Emotional Factors

Most people are aware of the significant physical ramifications that comes with being obese.  However, there can also be emotional factors associated with obesity. Patients dealing with obesity can often suffer from depression, stress, anxiety and isolation.


At Worthy Weight Loss, we treat the full spectrum of obesity, the physical part of carrying extra weight as well as the emotional part that comes with it.

Medications, Nutritional Counseling, Exercise and
Lifestyle Modifications:

  • These are all parts of the complete bariatric solution that we provide at Worthy Weight Loss.  There is no magic pill for weight loss, whether you undergo weight loss surgery, or you are working to achieve lasting weight loss non-surgically.  The main key to sustained weight loss is a full commitment to ongoing lifestyle change, healthier eating and regular physical activity.  At Worthy Weight Loss, we work with our patients to help them embrace these changes in a manner that allows them to achieve successful weight loss. When needed, we also provide resources for ongoing behavioral and emotional counseling, to help patients reach their health and weight loss goals.