Worthy Weight Loss Tips

  • Eating low calorie and low fat meals and snacks may not be enough to lose weight and keep it off. You must be aware of the amount of protein and carbohydrate that you eat daily and record them to make sure you stay within your recommended limits.

  • Don’t fall victim to “Amnesia Calories”. These are the ones that we consume when we are stressed, bored, or as part of a tradition (like during Monday night football) but later on, we have an amnesia spell about these calories. Plan for them by having healthy nutritious snacks or shakes around for such moments.

  • Place leftover meals directly into the garbage or storage containers and pack them away. Don’t let them become your night-time “unhealthy snack.”

  • Do not serve foods in a “big family feast or cafeteria” style. This encourages larger portions and second servings. Instead, always place appropriately sized portions on individual plates.

  • Do not talk on the telephone, read, or watch television while eating. This will undoubtedly distract you from being satiated and leave you feeling hungry and wanting more food.

  • Be very aware of calories and carbohydrates from alcoholic beverages. If possible, always mix an alcoholic beverage with ice or diet soda to reduce its caloric and carbohydrate impact on your daily recommended limits.

  • Do not depend on medications to do the job that you should be doing. Appetite control medications alone, though important in a comprehensive weight loss program, will never replace the effects of good nutrition, exercise and behavior modification when it comes to attaining your weight loss goal and maintaining it.

  • Be mindful of “friends and family members” that may have negative things to say about your weight loss success. Most times, they’re trying to sabotage your new found success and happiness.

  • If possible, recruit other friends and family members in your weight loss efforts. Group participation can help you to stay motivated during your weight loss journey.