Our Protocol

Weight loss protocol

At our weight management clinic located in Plano, Texas, our physician-directed protocol is geared towards each patient’s unique weight loss needs. If you need to lose weight in order to improve your overall health, in addition to correcting any weight-related medical conditions that you are struggling with, we will tailor your weight loss plan to fit your individual medical needs.

To get started, your typical initial physician consultation will consist of:

  • A comprehensive review of your medical and weight history, and a focused physical examination.
  • An electrocardiogram (EKG) to evaluate basic cardiac function.
  • Appropriate blood tests are ordered to evaluate for kidney, liver, and thyroid functions and other underlying conditions.
  • Other blood tests assessing for Insulin Resistance (Pre-Diabetes) and Diabetes are also ordered.
  • Using a Body Composition Analysis to assess your body fat percentage, lean muscle and BMI.


  • Appropriate FDA approved appetite control medications and other medications used for treating obesity-related diseases are prescribed, if clinically indicated for your unique medical presentation.
  • We provide personalized on-going nutritional guidance (including healthy meal plans), exercise and behavior counseling to fit your needs and schedule.
  • No gimmicks or fads here! This is a lifestyle makeover geared to improve your health and wellness.

Lose Weight

Our 3-Phased Approach

Our 3-Phased Approach is designed to treat obesity in three distinct phases.  This phased approach allows us to help our patients optimally control the disease of obesity.

1.  Active Weight Loss Phase:

During this initial phase, we see most patients frequently (every 2 weeks or monthly).  We work on all the major components of obesity by designing and implementing an individualized treatment plan for every patient.  Treatment in this phase may include nutritional supplements and prescription medications to help get the disease under control.

2.  Transition Phase:

In transition, the disease is under better control, now patients’ visits and medication use are spaced out in order to find the lowest dose (and frequency) of medication, plus the lowest number of visits to help keep the disease under good control permanently.

3.  Maintenance (Weight Management) Phase:

This is also known as the “Relapse Prevention” phase. During this phase, an individualized and unique weight management plan is developed for every patient to help patients prevent or halt weight re-gain.  Our weight maintenance plan is offered to all bariatric patients, whether you have lost weight via bariatric surgery or by following our non-surgical bariatric treatment plan.  Numerous peer-reviewed medical studies have shown that bariatric surgery patients are best able to maintain their weight loss, for the long haul, if they follow a structured weight maintenance plan like the one that we offer at Worthy Weight Loss.

This phased approach for weight management is similar to how other chronic diseases such as asthma and migraine headaches are treated and controlled by most doctors.