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The Worthy Weight Loss Difference

We treat you as an individual and we are committed to helping you achieve healthy weight loss and keeping it off.

We do not use any weight loss gimmicks nor do we advocate any “quick fix” fads. Our focus is on sound evidence-based medical treatment of weight gain.

We understand the challenge of losing weight, that’s why we strive to provide information and tools that you need to achieve weight loss.

We know you can achieve weight loss and we want you to know that too.

Smart, sustainable weight loss is a long-term commitment and we are with you every step of the way. Our trained and dedicated staff is here to help you lose weight and enjoy life again.

What is Bariatric Medicine?

Bariatric Medicine is a medical, non-surgical specialty that focuses on the treatment of obesity and obesity related medical conditions. There are several medical factors that can lead you to weight gain. Identifying and understanding them are critical to achieving weight loss. Dr. Obi Chukwuocha is a board certified Medical Bariatrician (Medical Weight Loss Specialist) who prescribes a proven and effective, non-surgical individualized weight loss program based on your medical history and weight loss goals.


Disclaimer:  The content of this website is made for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for treatment or consultation with your doctor.

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